Carol Wagstaff Invited to Attend Chianciano Biennale 2015

It is difficult to classify the outstanding artowrk of Carol Wagstaff, as her work ranges from conceptual installations and paintings, to beautiful printing and eye catching photography. At London Biennale 2015, Carol Wagstaff's work was featured in an ambiguous, contemplative and sometimes romantic way, which caught the viewers eyes to an outstanding length. With that said, there is a recurring focus of attention, something underlying her practice, that continues to fascinate and inspire her following. 

Wagstaff, sees the world as her starting point, and is fascinated by how it is ever changing, and always interesting. Wagstaff observes nature, landscape, and the complexities of human relationships that surround her life. All of these aspects of life are the main inspirations and drive behind her work and ideas. Wagstaff begins by starting an initial design for a sculpture or painting in her studio. She may use several different types of materials and the location has a profound influence on the medium and material used. Regardless less of where Wagstaff's work is made, every step, including the installation is under her own personal supervision.Wagstaff's work includes medians such as photography, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Sometimes a piece can just include one median and sometimes all can be included. 

Wagstaff, was born in London and was educated in Herforshire. She attented St Albans School of Art Design and obtained a BA Honors in Fine Art. Now Wagstaff resides in West Sussex. However she has lived abroad and travelled the world immensely. Wagstaff considers herself a visual artist, and has led in the direction to create many site-specific commisioned work. When Wagstaff is not doing commisioned work she focuses on her own work.

Wagstaff has a residency in Amsterdam, The National Trust, and many outstanding Museums across the globe. In addition Wagstaff has numerous commisions for corporate companies and private clients in the United Kingdom and in Euripe. Wagstaff is also exhibited widely in the UK and in Europe.

Wagstaff amazed everyone at the London Biennale 2015, with her diverse work, and has been invited to attend the Chianciano Biennale 2015, in Italy. 





Top Left: Reflections East 3

Right: Azen, Cast Bronze

Bottom Left: Tulipa 1

Bottom Right: From Painting 

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