Annemarie Oshelda, combination between figurative elements and abstractionism at the Expo Chiaciano

Annemarie Oshelda was born in Vienna on December 8, 1959 but she moved then to London. She considers herself more British in tune than she ever felt with Austria. Annemarie shows her artistic skills already in childhood but started to use color during her first month in London. Thanks to the encouragement of the people she met in London she studied painting and drawing 3 years. During the following years he produced essentially drawings. She started to study new methods, but always returning to painting with oils, and every time with an exciting attitude. For some years Annemarie used strong but dark colors in most of her works. she met her second husband in 1996, George W Gill, a very talented artist. George encouraged her artistic talent, and they became critics of each other’s work, which led both their artwork to stretch and evolve.  Her paintings became mainly figurative, developing a more painterly style. Annemarie has always loved wildlife and horses.  Annemarie ultimately aims to capture the movement and the feeling of what she sees, expressing this by combining figurative elements and moving towards the abstract.


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