The Gagliardi Gallery in London: an overview of the last 35 years.

The Gagliardi Art Gallery in London has been a reference point for artists, collectors and art enthusiasts since its launch in 1978. Over the last 35 years, this London art gallery has established itself as a prominent source of high-quality contemporary fine art in London. Such prestige has derived from the gallery’s internationality, accuracy and ability to keep up with modern trends and taste.

Located along the King’s Road of Chelsea, quarter of London famous for its cultural history, the Gagliardi Gallery commits to exhibit the work of both well-known and newly-established artists, and organises prestigious shows at various venues, amongst which the Victoria and Albert Museum of London. Furthermore, the art gallery engages in the management of important events, such as the London Biennale held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, and the Biennale at the Chianciano Art Museum, Italy.

In addition to being a great support to art galleries and museums all around the world by lending exhibitions on a regular basis, the Gagliardi Group also offers PR services to artists, including the creation of personalised websites and publications, and the commission of art critiques.  

The Gagliardi Gallery has obtained the respect of personalities of the calibre of Lady Margaret Thatcher, the then Italian President Francesco Cossiga, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, further enhancing its strong identity and character.


Roberta Amerini

Top image: The Gagliardi Gallery, Chelsea, London
Images at the bottom : Mr Roberto Gagliardi in company with the then Italian President Francesco Cossiga, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Princess Anne, and Princess Margaret

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