Dr. Martín Raskovsky and the channelling of pure emotion

Are we admiring an electrifying picture or a visionary illustration of a parallel world? Are we dealing with a déjà-vu, or are we witnessing representations of a deep collective consciousness? Dr. Martín Raskovsky’s artworks appear as mysterious memories of places that have indelibly marked the complex soul of the artist. Dr. Raskovsky seems to blend a timeless natural scenery with an avant-garde style of “motion photography”, adding a unique effect of liquid “touches” to the compositions. A stunning movement is given to each composition, enlivened by powerful colours and a wonderfully balanced structure.

The viewer perceives a profound aesthetic evolution from the immortalised subject to the final artistic result and Dr. Raskovsky portrays a deep consciousness, at all stages of the creative process, of the significant connotations that the camera captured.

In fact, the optical instrument that has drastically changed the fate of the Art History, is here examined and explored by an artist who gives a renewed artistic legitimation to his photographic passion.

Scenes from the real world captured in his photos are charming and the viewer is stimulated by astonishing waves of rich hues that vibrate in an orchestra of shades.
Colour is central to convey Dr. Martin Raskovsky’s visual and at times controversial messages. His vibrant chromatic effects are the consequence of a complex “osmotic” relationships with his subjects. Dr. Raskovsky utilises strong contrasting colours to construct his compositions, thus evoking a powerful sense of belonging to a certain place, juxtaposed to a lightness of spirit that enthralls the viewer with its calm, unobtrusive serenity and photographic outrightness. 
Potent, unblended colours hypnotise the viewer’s attention until the true form and significance of the artwork is discovered, the immortal essence of its being. Dr. Martín Raskovsky’s harmonic creations make us understand his pure talent as interpreter of the most poetic of subjects: the circle of life.

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