From the Van Gogh museum to the London Biennale, Meir Salomon touches thousands with his art

We are searching for small delights that distract us from reality to be captured in a world of fantasy and creativity. The exclusiveness and uniqueness found in Meir Salomon’s art give you wings and set you apart from your surrounding.Meir Salomon describes his combination of styles and colors in his new series as “different colorfulness.

Somewhat sfumato and stained layers of color spread with a unique stain, perhaps seeking to present a more hallucinated feeling to the easel”. His desire is to abduct you in his own reality, a highly personal and complex one. Intense colors, strong lines and engaging subjects - a Meir Salomon painting is immediately recognizable.

The artist’s talent is defined through his unique style, which combines tradition with modernism, abstract with figurative art as well as eastern with western culture. 


By dealing with existential questions, the artist embraces the viewer and takes him on a journey to the depths of soul. Jewish themes in form of 20th century symbols add an element of unique excellence to Salomon’s masterpieces of art.

He doesn’t aim to highlight Jewish subjects discussed in the Torah, rather he deals with everyday recurring themes affecting society as a whole.

Born in 1947 in Jerusalem, Salomon established himself on a worldwide base. Exhibitions in Israel, Holland, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, France and England next to two 1st prices attained at the Biennale of Chianciano in Tuscany, Italy mark the artists triumph.

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