From Florida with Style: The Art of Frances Mercer

Art and its imagination has no limits - people love art for many different reasons - amongst them one, all share: The hunger for inspiration. Frances Mercer’s use of color and focus on concept rather than details leave plenty of room for interpretation when directing one’s gaze at Mercer's masterpieces of art. It takes your mind on a journey of excitement, pleasure and relaxation.

Traveling embodies an important part of Frances Mercer’s life. Having seen places around the world she speaks about her experience encountered in her voyages: “You change your scenery and you will be stimulated. Everything we do, our environment, the people we meet, the friends we make, it influences us.” Not only traveling but also hikes, nature walks and poetry help Frances to lose herself in a wide space of creativity to find inspiration and reach her particular creative aim.

Frances Mercer's MFA at the Francisco Art Institute marked only the start of a promising and exciting career. Her artistic success only took off in 1981 when she quit her life as a teacher and turned towards her passion and talent, watercolors. Honors and Awards attained at institutions and events such as the Florence Biennale, the Assisi Biennale and Who's Who in America give prove to the artist's talent. Just recently she received the Leonardo Award at the Biennale of Chianciano. Exhibitions at the Gagliardi Gallery in London or at the London Biennale as well as in New York, Amsterdam, Florence and Assisi, bring the masterpieces of an artist, who is originally from Florida to an international audience.

Only a few years ago she entered the commercial art world by opening Seventeenth Street Gallery in Fort Lauderdale. “Opening the gallery was a challenge, and I like a challenge. But now I have to balance my painting with my business.” Traveling has become a rare luxury and painting a sunday activity, yet her artworks are still adored by art professionals and lovers worldwide. Once a client inquired the price of one of the artist’s favorite pieces, a sailing scenario displayed in different shades of blue, 30 by 40 inch. With an easy smile she replied, “Some things I just can’t sell, even though the rent’s due.” Entering the commercial art world might have limited Frances’ time to paint herself but not her passion.

“A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. Its beauty comes from the fact that the author is what he is”, Oscar Wilde. Once Joyce Gilbert, a painter herself, said “Franci” was a very calming person, whose works reflect this simplicity, but with lots of energy inside. Frances captures the beauty of her surrounding in a simple but yet exciting, colorful and calming manner, letting the viewer drift away and discover her real love for nature in a surreal and poetic fashion.


Image on the left: Colorado Waters by Frances Mercer

Image on the right: Eclipse V by Frances Mercer

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