London Biennale 2013.. What did we think??

By Timothy Warrington, art critic

Today, the London Biennale 2013 opened its doors..

The exhibition itself was a stimulating juxtaposition of styles and genres that was unorthodox but refreshing and innovative. Art from 40 different nations was shown in unique opportunity to view such diverse and excellent artworks in a beautiful setting, the Chelsea Old Town Hall. The styles ranged from the hyper realist paintings of Nicolette Ingeneeger from the Netherlands, to the intricate pastel drawing by Seth Bates from the UK, to powerful 2 meter tall abstracts by artists such as Nevim Kayaoglu from Turkey, Maria Hernandez Reyes from Columbia and Ellen van der Meulen from the Netherlands.


The inauguration was so full that one could barely see down the entry hall. Once through the crowd and into the large Victorian halls, I mingled with ambassadors, gallery owners, artists and the renowned Nicholas Bonham of the Dynasty Auctioneer family that founded Bonham's auction house in 1793 - during the opening he carried out the charity auction that included an artwork by Andy Warhol, Giorgio Armani, Aelita Andre, Daniela Grifoni and other artists. 

Artistically, the exhibition was probably one of the best that I have seen for a while. The ideas and cultures expressed through the art varied enormously, the spaces and presentation of the show allowed the viewer to undertake a journey which at times was spiritual, at times instinctive and emotional and at times peaceful and intellectual. 

I recommend the exhibition to art enthusiasts and professionals as this is not a "usual" contemporary art event - it stands out from the crowd.






As always, I viewed the on-line catalogue before visiting the exhibition and was pleased to have another look after I returned home. The wonders of the internet allow us to see exhibitions and art in different cities. The artwork can never be fully appreciated on screen but sometimes it is worth it, have a look:

London Biennale Catalogue



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