Lean Arts - A New Energy in the Art World?



Lean is an artist for whom technology has become the subject of life-drawing. His expressive representation of technology shows how dependent we, as human beings, are on computers, machines and namely "power". His continued use of the power symbol, which Lean uses as his logo, is a major component of his work, its significance illustrating his quest to understand ascendence and technology. It represents a relationship between the increasing ability to manipulate nature and the decrease in the amount of time people actually take spending time marvelling at nature. He has taken modern technology and internet and used their infinite power to create a new age in art which is digitally inspired. For some, Lean is seen as the forefather of a new generation of digitally inspired artists.

Born in Cambridgeshire and attending Anglia Ruskin University, Lean’s inspirational artwork is formed around today’s modern society. His ideas come from his questioning of now and how our lives are dictated by power. He feels that the power of technology has the ability to be both the downfall of a person and yet it can enable someone to have more choices and/or communicate with people from all over the world. In his eyes, for someone to have power someone else has to be powerless, which is why the ON/OFF power button is the perfect symbol. Lean’s fascination with technology has allowed him to show his work as an analogy of society. For example, his drawing of a motherboard shows how ‘busy’ it can be with data being continuously transferred via optic fibres. This can also be used to symbolise a busy city where people are going from place to place carrying data of some sort.

Lean is a very bright artist whose interpretation of a digital landscape can be seen through his gradual and detailed artwork. The unravelling of layers upon layers of ideas and concepts that he goes through can be beautifully and masterfully admired whilst at the same time telling a story about society in the 21st century.


Fearured artwork: "Woman Power 2"

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