Daniela Anfori - Exceptional artist from Italy

An instinct for expressionism

Daniela Anfori is an Italian artist whose pure expressionist instinct is represented forcefully in her paintings. Her extraordinary talent is highlighted in wonderful, almost edacious, thick textures and amazingly vibrant combinations of colour. She plays with contrasts between dark backgrounds and vibrant, primary pigments, with a dynamic and ‘magmatic’ application of paint that is purely gestural and powerful. 
Daniela is a painter whose canvases can range from medium sizes to enormous scenic designs. Her stage backgrounds for theatres, especially for ballet, are impressive and blend perfectly with extraordinary taste and effective adaptability to the performing arts.
A true talent of our times. Her works are valued from £5,000 to £8,000 in top galleries around the world. Private collectors are increasingly interested in her works and her market value is increasing by the day. 

Daniela Anfori is a name to remember in today’s contemporary art scene and certainly an artist to invest on for the beauty of her art as for the investment her works represent.
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