Canadian artist Christine Allan inspired by Da Vinci and selected for the Biennale of Chianciano in Tuscany, the birthplace of Leonardo

by Fabienne Baeriswyl

The award winning Christine Allan is a greatly-talented unique contemporary Canadian artist who has been accepted to participate in the Biennale of Chianciano at the Chianciano Art Museum in September 2013.


“If a man may shout or cavort in exultation, may not a horse prance?”

Leonardo da Vinci                                

Leonardo da Vinci may have been a great inspiration for Allan but you may start wondering why a quote by this revolutionary artist is published on the Christine Allan website. In fact, Allan combines new materials with an old technique similar to “sfumato” which was invented by Leonardo da Vinci.  “Sfumato” is a way of painting without borders or lines making it appear as if it looks like smoke.

The artist works with a multitude of substrates and apart from the traditional canvas she uses cradle board, watercolour paper and she sometimes works on interesting recycled objects. She layers gesso, various watercolour, acrylic media, metallic paint, ink and other materials. Since she uses metallic and iridescent paint it gives her work an unique quality. Her art works look different in various lighting, therefore discovering something new in her works every time you look at them. It is for this exact reason her works cannot be truly appreciated on a photograph, since the metallic and iridescent paint cannot be reflected effectively.

There is a certain depth and meaning behind Allans’ work that cannot always be seen at first glance. This is what makes her art incredibly fascinating and unique. The artist herself says that her art is about judgment and it requires a second look to fully see what is there.

Her work has been shown locally and internationally and numerous paintings are in private collection as well. Besides Canada and the USA her work has been exhibited in Japan, Brazil and the UK. Allans' work will soon be shown on a billboard in Time Square so that the millions of people that cross this famous site will have the chance to also be inspired by her fascinating art. Furthermore her work will also be exhibited at the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany this coming September.

Christine Allan is an amazing artist who has a spark of Leonardo da Vinci that is living within her. Her works are deep and leave room for your own interpretation. If that is not impressive enough 50 % of all proceeds go to charity, (The World Wildlife Fund & The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation). Allan believes in the healing power of art we should take the time to let her inspire us with her work at the Biennale of Chianciano 2013.



Artworks featured:

Top Left: "Horizon" mixed media on wood block
Top Right: "Birds" mixed media on watercolour paper
Bottom: "
My Starry Night" mixed media on canvas



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