Biennale of Chianciano 2013 opening night attended by thousands

By Christopher Rosewood, Art Critic

Saturday 7th September marked the grand opening of Chianciano’s Museum of Art Biennale with an inauguration consisting of a parade of the band Bonnaventura Somma, followed by a first look at the eclectic artwork presented by the curators at the museum. Attended by local, royalty and artists from over 30 nations the event was an evening of music, laughter and excitement.

Displaying artwork from more than 120 artists over 3 floors the opening night was a great success. As the crowds flooded through the main entrance to the museum, a lively hum could be heard echoing through the rooms as the artwork was debated and devoured. An introduction in the Russian room was kicked off by the founder Roberto Gagliardi, followed by an introduction from internationally renowned photographer of the Biennale and past photo editor of the New York Times Lonnie Schlein.

With canvases from Saudia Arabia, digital pieces from Nigeria, and bronze sculptures form Australia to name but a few, a personal highlight would have to be a collaboration of Japanese artists who presented large scrolls, and a piece entitled Pray Eradication of Terrorism, Scream by Namio Sakamoto. It was refreshing to see works in various mediums placed alongside one another challenging the audiences perception of contemporary art; perhaps a reflection of the multi-cultural background of the curators. However, it could be said that certain pieces were too contemporary for some but pre conceptions were quickly shattered. Of course no opening would be complete without h’orduerves and plenty of wine to get tongues wagging, which would seem a speciality of our hosts. All in all a night of fun and fantasy, one would be advised not to miss the upcoming events of the Biennale (7th-14th September).

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